An enterprise based in the Nord Pas‐de‐Calais,
specialized in North-­South transport

Since 1980, Transport Dorchies is specialized in transport at both the national and international levels. The company owns a 2,000 sqm warehouse, located on its 30,000 sqm industrial site in Flers en Escrebieux. It is located by the major freeway axes A1, A21, A23, A25, and by the multimodal plaoorm of Dourges (starting point for combined transport rail/road towards southern France). For many years, the company has specialized in exchanges (inter-regional transport, transportation approach, supply transport) in the following regions:

  • Nord Pas‐de‐Calais, Picardie, Belgium,
  • Towards the south and south-eastern France: Rhône Valley, Provence-Alpes-Cote‐d’azur (PACA), and Languedoc Roussillon,
  • Spain
  • Italy

Based in the Nord Pas-­de-­Calais,
specialized in North-­South transport

  • As a service provider, Transport Dorchies’ approach is based on our traditional know‐howand a strong geographic presence. Strategically based in northern France since 1980, close to Lille and the multimodal plaoorm of Dourges, the company is also located in Perpignan and Cavaillon.

The regional activity

With its privileged geographic location, at the heart of major freeways axes, Transport Dorchies offers a regular daily service that meet all types of regional needs.

Expeditions from the North to the South

Grouping activity fruits & vegetables:

Pick up and supply areas

North-­South Map

Expeditions from north to South

South-­North Map

Regional Activity

Regional Map